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Many Local, County and State Commissions have been working with the released 2020 Census Data.  The information released continues to show growth in population for East Bay. The Clerks’ office, Township Election Commission and Township Board of Trustees have completed the update to our Precinct Voting Maps and voting locations to better accommodate our voters. There are several areas that will affect you that we wanted to make you aware of and have provided the township voting precinct map  for your convenience (click here to see the map):

Locally: East Bay Charter Township has experienced quite a bit of growth since the last Census in 2010. Because of this growth, we needed to make adjustments to our voting precinct sizes.  To accomplish this, the Township Election Commission approved the creation of 5 Election Day voting Precincts. With this change, Precinct #1 voting location has changed. If you live in this precinct and want to vote in person, your Precinct is now at the Grand Traverse Metro Administration Office located at 897 Parsons Road. Precincts #4 and #5 vote at the East Bay Charter Township Hall 1965 N. Three Mile Road, with Precinct #4 voting at the South Conference Room and Precinct #5 voting at the North Conference Room. Precincts #2 and #3 will continue to vote at East Bay Station 9 located at 110 High Lake Road. Please click here for a detailed precinct map.

County wide: Grand Traverse County Commissioners has been adjusted to 9 commissioners from 7. This takes effect January 2023. For East Bay, this means that if you reside in voting Precinct 1, 4 or the new precinct 5, you are represented by NEW County Commissioner District 5. If you reside in voting Precinct 2 or 3, you are represented by New County Commissioner District 6.

Statewide: As of the date of this publication the State Redistricting Commission has not completed their process for the House of Representatives or the Congressional Districts. We will place information on our website as more information is available.

Because of these changes, Clerk departments throughout Michigan are required to send out new voter Identification Cards. You should receive your new ID card sometime after the New Year. If you do not receive your East Bay Voter Identification card by May 2022, please contact us. We have added several important options on this card; on the front of the card is a square QR code, if you have a smart phone, you can scan this square and be directed to the Voting Information page on our website. This will allow you access to the most up to date information on elections as well as all Township news.  Additionally, on the back of the ID card, is a tear off strip that will allow you to sign up to provide written permission for us to send you a Permanent Absent Voter Applications before every election. It is not necessary for you to re-sign up if you already receive this service.  Please do not return the entire ID card, only the signed tear off section.

Finally: If you are interested in serving our community as an Election Inspector and are able to work on average a 16-hour day, please sign up using the application on our website. Once received we will work on scheduling the mandatory certification training to allow you to be part of this important process.

Susanne M. Courtade MiPMC2/MMC, Clerk                                          Holly L. Couturier, Deputy Clerk

Notice of Election Commission Meeting

No scheduled Election Commission meeting scheduled at this time.

Voter & Election Information 

To see new precinct boundaries, click here

For August 2, 2022 Primary Election results, visit the Grand Traverse County website

To see your voter registration information, see sample ballots for upcoming elections, and to track your absent voter ballot, click here.

To see videos of the current election equipment, click here.

To see political sign restrictions for East Bay TWP and some of our surrounding areas visit this site from the Grand Traverse County Clerk's Office:

NOTICE TO VOTERS: New Voter Identification Requirement in Effect

Due to a recent court ruling, every Michigan voter who offers to vote in the polls must comply with the requirement by showing picture identification or signing an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of picture identification.  (See MCL 168.523 for picture identification requirement)

You may register with the Township Clerk, County Clerk or any Secretary of State branch office in Michigan. If you have any questions, call the Township Clerk or the Grand Traverse County Clerk's office at (231)-922-4760. 

Election Day Poll Hours & Locations
Click here for poll opening and closing hours.

Where do I vote? 
 Click here for map.

Precinct 1 votes at Grand Traverse Metro Administration Office located at 897 Parsons Road.
Precincts 2 & 3 vote at the East Bay Station #9 at 110 High Lake Road.
Precinct 5 votes at the north end  and Precinct 4 votes at the south end of Township Hall. 
You may request an Absentee Voter Ballot for these elections. 

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