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Zoning Board of Appeals

Meetings held 2nd Tuesday of the month - 6:30pm at the township hall.


The township has a five-member Zoning Board of Appeals to hear requests from citizens for relief from ordinances. Usually these requests have to do with variances, special use permits and other determinations. A variance is an approved departure from the normal requirements imposed by the local zoning ordinance. A variance is needed if construction, alteration, or occupancy of a structure will result in a violation of zoning requirements.


Typical requests to vary from Ordinance requirements might include:

-to build a structure closer to the property line or to a body of water
-to erect a larger sign or
-to construct fewer parking spaces


Zoning Board of Appeals Members:

Dave Houseman - Chairperson

Email:  dhouseman@eastbaytwp.org

Ted Hentschel

Email:  thentschel@eastbaytwp.org

Carl Studzinski

Email:  cstudzinski@eastbaytwp.org

Frank Guerin

Email:  fguerin@eastbaytwp.org

Tracey Bartlett

Email:  tbartlett@eastbaytwp.org


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Recent Meetings
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Meeting Archives (before 2009)

1965 N Three Mile Road | Traverse City, MI 49696 | 231-947-8647