Email a Board or Commission

Residents and property owners can easily email a board or commission, and its supporting staff, in one quick, easy click. Find the links below to email the board or commission of interest to you.

Please note:
Emails received will be part of correspondence in the meeting packet according to the following schedule:
  • In the upcoming meeting's packet, if submitted prior to packet distribution
  • In a subsequent packet for the upcoming meeting, if submitted after packet distribution but before noon the day of the meeting
  • In the next month's packet, if submitted after noon the day of the meeting
An individual's email address, street number, and phone numbers will be removed/redacted when including the communication in the packet materials. 

Upon sending, the email is automatically distributed to board or commission members and their staff support. You will receive confirmation your email has been received. Similar to public comment, there will not be individual responses from board or commission members. This should not be viewed as disinterest or agreement/nonagreement with comments offered. This is standard, recommended procedure based on AICP and legal guidance.  Your input and public engagement is appreciated, listened to, and shapes discussion at the public board or commission meetings.

Email the Township Board

Email the Planning Commission

Email the Zoning Board of Appeals

Email the Parks Commission

Email the Assessing Board of Review