East Bay Ambulance

East Bay Ambulance (EBA) proudly serves East Bay Township's residents and visitors.

East Bay Ambulances are a signature royal blue and are active in the Township. At least one ambulance is staffed 24/7, every day of the year. Both vehicles are equipped with identical equipment and  have access to  Advanced Life Support (ALS) services on-board. One ambulance has four-wheel-drive capabilities for winter driving conditions. 

East Bay Ambulance operates out of Grand Traverse Metro Fire Station #9, located at 110 High Lake Road. Feel free to  visit with us for a cup of coffee or just to have a look around. We are always excited to visit with the community, and medics will even check your blood pressure!

Nick Lemcool
Ambulance Director                                                 
Email: nlemcool@eastbayambulance.org

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