East Bay Township Master Plan

The 2023 East Bay Township Master Plan was approved January 3, 2023 by the Planning Commission
Please click on the link above to review the Township's Master Plan. 

What is a Master Plan?
A master plan is a guiding document intended to set forth a community’s vision of its long-term future, usually 10 to 20 years. It covers just about everything—an analysis of the community’s residential, commercial, industrial sectors; transportation; and natural features. Typically, a master plan describes the community, outlines goals and objectives and maps areas of different land uses ranging from agricultural to industrial. Plans for new development are then reviewed to ensure consistency with what was planned. While the content and format of comprehensive plans can vary considerably from place to place, there are still a number of common characteristics that help distinguish these plans from other types of local plans. Common elements include community history and profile, existing conditions, goals and strategies, future land use, and an implementation plan.

How does it impact me?
The master plan sets the stage for private investment in East Bay Township like new housing and commercial redevelopment, the provision of public services, and placemaking initiatives. This roadmap helps to define a coordinated vision for the future of the Township—for local officials, developers, and members of the public alike. It is important to note that the master plan is different than a zoning ordinance and does not regulate what can be done on private property at a parcel-by-parcel basis. Instead, it includes a future land use map that identifies the intended use of land, which could be many years in the future. The next step the Township is undertaking is a rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance, based on the policies of the Master Plan. 

Planning & Zoning in Michigan
The Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA) of 2008 is the enabling statute for creation of a planning commission and development and adoption of a master plan. The MPEA requires jurisdictions with a master plan to review their plan at least every five years. The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act of 2006 is the enabling statute for creation of a zoning ordinance for counties, townships, cities and villages.

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