Permits, Applications, & Fees

Permits, Applications, and Fees
East Bay Charter Township has recently switched over to an online permitting system. If you are applying for a:
  • Land Use Permit (including Single Family Home, Garage, Residential Addition, Bed & Breakfast, Sign Permits or Home Occupation) 
  • Transient Activity Permit
Please use the EPIC-GT portal (click here for a direct link). 

Please click the links below for documents related to:

Soil Erosion:

For all other applications please click here

How to apply for online permits with EPIC-GT
  1. Go to the EPIC-GT website in your internet browser (click here for a direct link).
  2. Create an account with EPIC-GT by clicking the drop-down menu on the top right of the webpage.EPIC GT image
  3. Click on "Apply" on the home page, then click on "Permits." If you don't see the specific permit type listed, then click on "All."
epic GT image 2

If you have any further questions, please review the "Applying for your permit" pamphlet provided by Grand Traverse County. 

Building Permit:
If you need to file for a building permit that can be done through Grand Traverse County. Please click this link for more information and to be taken to the Grand Traverse County website.