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East Bay and Acme Townships – Sewer Force Main Replacement from Lift Station #1 to Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

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East Bay and Acme Township’s sewer force main section, which needs critical replacement, carries all of the wastewater from the east side of Grand Traverse County. This section, located near Grand Traverse Bay and Boardman Lake,  runs from Lift Station #1 (located near Three Mile & Parsons Roads) to the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) (located on the north side of Boardman Lake). The force main is ductile iron pipe approximately 2.7 miles in length and was installed in 1974. The force main is nearing, if not exceeded, its design life (50-years). In 2021, a break was discovered. During the difficult repair, the pipe was found to be severely corroded which impacted the pipe’s structural integrity. A further thorough, physical evaluation of the pipe’s condition is impossible as temporarily removing the pipe from service is not feasible given the quantity of wastewater running through the line, the length of time needed for repair, and the lack of an alternate route.  This project will construct a near parallel sewer line, then divert wastewater flow to the new line, and then restore the existing line with cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) technology. Once completed, the ability to divert wastewater flow from one force main to another will accommodate future periodic inspections and repairs. The project will add the needed resiliency and redundancy to this critical infrastructure for decades.


This piece of infrastructure serves East Bay and Acme Townships as the only pipeline which conveys wastewater to the WWTP. Both townships rely on this force main to maintain wastewater service for their entire service area of roughly 2,700 connections. Approximately two-thirds of the force main is with in the jurisdiction of the City of Traverse City. While the proposed project serves East Bay and Acme Townships, the impacts are multi-jurisdictional affecting numerous stakeholders. Water assets such as the Grand Traverse Bay, the Boardman Lake, the Mitchell Creek Watershed, and the groundwater, which is the source of East Bay Township’s water service, would be affected by a failure of the current sewer force main section.