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Who is responsible for Michigan roads?
Odd parcels: Schools, speed and appraisalsThere are three levels of road jurisdiction in Michigan: MDOT (8%), City & Villages (17%), and Counties (75%). State highways are under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation. Cities and villages have jurisdiction of streets within their boundary, with some exceptions that depend on a variety of factors. Counties, through County Road Commissions, have jurisdiction over all other roadways including those within townships. In some counties, the County Board has retained control over roadways. Visit the Township's webpage on roadways.

DTE Upgrade at Parsons Road Area
Natural Gas Infrastructure Upgrades Help Ensure Safety and Reliability
For detailed information on this project,
DTE Parsons
Report a Road Problem
Have you noticed a road issue? Head to the Grand Traverse County Road Commission's website and find the helpful link "Report a Problem".Pothole Cartoon Transparent PNG - 621x609 - Free Download on NicePNG


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